May 5, 2011


Rocking a new deck. Befores and afters, sized appropriately.

Space and Productivity

This article is just the next in a long line of what I find to be an interesting area of study takes on the value of space and architecture as a motivator for activity and productivity. Architecture as a condition of productivity, then, is no joke.

My wife and I have lived in a modest semi for several years now and between my architectural and her design interests, we've poked and prodded our way through an aesthetic overhaul. The result is a space we covet with our free time. Cooking in is a respite rather than a chore. So too is yardwork, when there are privacy fences, cedar decks, and cherry blossoms in bloom.

Look at workplaces then. Seems like a space is often only intuitively considered, when there can be clear bottom-line benefits in terms of productivity and happiness among employees that hinge on the lease you sign.